Tales by 10 is a compilation of prose and poetry from ten unique Writers that have contributed some of their best work to this anthology.

The human emotions encountered in this anthology range from hot as a dragon’s fiery breath, to cold as an assassin’s logic. Ten experienced authors explore this spectrum in a collection of prose and poems.

The book opens with a tale of teenage angst and ends with a story about a deputy sheriff mystified by a dog’s corpse — in between you will find anger and compassion; ugliness and beauty; life and death; love lost and personal salvation.

The writing is as gentle as a caress and as brutal as a bare-knuckle punch to the gut, as comforting as hot chocolate on a winter’s night and as disconcerting as alligators in a swimming pool.

These tales embrace life. They illustrate love. They tell of failures. They speak of joy, sing of victory. They bruise, anger, entertain. Hopefully, they’ll even provide a new perspective or two.

Compiling this anthology has been particularly challenging. How does any editor select the best work from a group of writers who are continually and regularly published?

To get out in front of this issue, our editors camped out at Storytellers’ Collaborative, the Read and Critique Group that holds this writing tribe together. Easier? Yes. But keep in mind these writers have been published for several years in diverse publications: Chicken Soup for the Soul; Tell Us a Story; Dead Mule School of Southern Literature; Saturday Evening Posts; Stoneslide Corrective; Sun Magazine; Audible; Thema Literary Magazine; The Foreign Service Journal; and numerous anthologies and novels – one contributor has over 400 publications.

Contributors to Tales by 10 included poets as well as writers of prose. This meant our editors winnowed through poetry publications by the hundreds: Baseball Bard, The Journal of Contemporary Poets, San Diego Poetry Annual, Milkweed, Poetry USA, and other well-established journals to select the best of the best. So, fueled by coffee–lots of coffee–Gold Fish crackers, and a variety of chocolate, our editors persisted. The result is a book crammed with high-quality prose and poetry.

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