Ashes of the Dragon is the latest book released by il fennore publishing. It is an engaging story of Revin, a female dragon hunter and the journey she undertakes that reveals her destiny and the truth of her lost identity.

Ashes of the Dragon is a Medieval-themed fantasy that follows Revin as she goes on a quest to capture the legendary golden dragon. Her trek takes her into uninhabited mountains, in the heart of a fierce winter, to a village that shouldn’t exist. There she meets a stranger she calls “Blue Eyes” who brings up feelings she’s never experienced and a woman, the leader of the village, who is oddly familiar.

The journey becomes more than just the hunt as Revin unravels a conspiracy behind a ceremony, The Gathering, and something called the Time of the Burning. The situation becomes dire when she learns that the ritual may involve her and the golden dragon.

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Engaging Medieval Fantasy

This is an engaging medieval fantasy novel well worth your time. “Fire of the Covenant” manages to go in unexpected directions while still hitting all the expected fantasy elements from wizards and dwarfs and dragons to expert swordsmen and charming ladies. There are four major protagonists, and each has an interesting role to play, an Continue Reading

WhatsForDinner Fire of the Covenant

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