Athule is a land of contrast, where the physical world and the ethereal world of Spirits intertwine, while the light of the Goddess ‘and the darkness of the Shadows fight to possess the very essence of Athule’s inhabitants. It has been over a thousand years since the last failed bid for supremacy by the Lord of Darkness, but his followers are once again vying for preeminence over Athule.

Essence and Spirit: Within each being is a Spirit—the core of their existence. Coexisting with the physical world is the Goddess’ Spirit world called the il fennore. Opposed to this Spirit world are the Shadows with its own Spirits—vile ones—and their sovereign, the Lord of Darkness, the Olcas Mogwai. When a Being’s physical existence ends, the Spirit either goes to the il fennore or to the Shadows. This is determined by the actions/intentions of the Being during their time in the physical world. When freed from the body, the Spirit is disposed to transcend to the il fennore. However, the Dark Lord’s lure is seductive when death seems far off. The Spirit dwells in the Essence of the Goddess, the Burning Lady, and exists in all things in the physical world. The quantity of Essence varies according the Goddess’ will—humans and Elfs more than a wolf and the wolf more than a tree. But even among higher consciousness creatures, there are those that have an even greater abundance—blessed by the Goddess.

Spirit Magic: The magic of Athule comes from the Spirit creatures. To use it, people with a heighten sense of the Essence, that is in symmetry with the il fennore, are able to cross the barrier between the physical world and the il fennore (or its counterpart in the Shadows). Once they have bridged to the Spirit world, they merge their Spirit with the freed Spirit beings and are able to wield magic that enables them to manipulate objects in the physical world. il fennore is the name given to the Goddess’ world and the magic drawn from her Spirit world—sorcery drawn from the Shadows is known as Shikigam il.

War: The creation of Athule included Light and Darkness, a balance—reflected by the yin and yang of the dragons in the crests above—that has teetered between the deities ever since creatures set foot on Athule. Though the Burning Lady holds sway over most of the lands, disciples of the Dark are always present. Periodically these adherents’ power and numbers grow to where they can challenge the Goddess’ jurisdiction. At times like this, the forces of good and evil war to maintain the Goddess’ patronage or institute the dominance of the Olcas Mogwai. Now is one of those times.

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The current books are set in Athule and begin with the followers of the Shadows once again vying for preeminence over the known world of Athule. These books include:

Dragon-Called Series

Fire of the Covenant (Book 1)
Betrayal of the Covenant (Book 2)
Book 3 in process—title to be determined.

Ashes of the Dragon (Novella)

Haldis Series

The Dragon Whisperer (Book 1)

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