Tales by 10

Book Cover: Tales by 10

The human emotions encountered in this anthology range from hot as a dragon’s fiery breath, to cold as an assassin’s logic. Ten experienced authors explore this spectrum in a collection of prose and poems.

The book opens with a tale of teenage angst and ends with a story about a deputy sheriff mystified by a dog’s corpse — in between you will find anger and compassion; ugliness and beauty; life and death; love lost and personal salvation.

The writing is as gentle as a caress and as brutal as a bare-knuckle punch to the gut, as comforting as hot chocolate on a winter’s night and as disconcerting as alligators in a swimming pool.

"This fascinating anthology is a pleasure to read. I meant to take a quick look, but soon found myself turning pages with each captivating entry. A great read and reflection for sure."
~Rick Daynes, author, Keep It Together Man

Publisher: il fennore publishing
Reviews:Collen J. Pallamary wrote:

An insightful and thought-provoking anthology that touches the heart and frees the mind.
~Author: Scammunition, The Vampire Preservation Society, and Meet Bridgeport's Sweetheart, Colleen J. Bartram

Mark Carlson, CL, ACS wrote:

This anthology is a perfect example of literary talent and new ideas coming together to add to the art of writing. A wonderful opportunity to read promising writers who will soon make their mark in the world of literature.
~Author: The Marines' Lost Squadron -- Odyssey of VMF-422

Robert Pacilio wrote:

If you read only on anthology this spring, this should be it. It covers the spectrum from fantasy to terror and has some fine poems as well.
~Author: Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe, Midnight Comes to the Metaphor Cafe, and The Restoration.

Ronald Pickett wrote:

You'll find these stories and poems engaging, entertaining, encouraging, and ofttimes challenging. You'll be fascinated and surprised. You may become a slightly different person after spending some time in the company of these writers and their work.
~Veteran's Writing Group: Writer / Producer: Away for the Holidays, Listen Up!

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