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With a host of characters in this epic adventure series (more than a hundred), it can be difficult to keep track of who is who and what their role is in the story. To helpREVISED - final Dragon-Called Legend logoF keep everything straight, it was necessary to create a list of the characters, pronunciations where necessary, who they are and their relationships. There’s even a downloadable PDF file with this information. You can click to bring up a PDF file of the list that you can download and print out if you want to keep it nearby. The list can also be found in the back of each of the books in the series. At the end of the list will be a few additional bits of information such as the Heraldry of the main kingdoms and the significance of the Priests’ and Clerics’ different colored robes.

As a little bonus, you can find greater detail (physical and personality characteristics and other information) on a few of the more important characters by clicking on this link. Details on more characters will be added as time allows.

Character List


  • Aeron Cadwal:     Twins’ cousin / Son of First Duke
  • Baron Owein:     Baron of Winterpass / Spymaster
  • Beynon Brynmor:     Twins’ father / Crown Prince
  • Brom Brynmor:     Twins’ uncle / Older brother of Crown Prince
  • Captain Harte:     Captain of the King’s Guard
  • Casandra Cadwal:     Twins’ cousin / Daughter of Cainwen First Duke
  • Chancellor Liam:     Chancellor for the Kingdom of Cainwen
  • Cleric Yoan Healer:     Diviner of Burning Lady
  • Count Idwal:     Cainwen Noble
  • Cuthbert:     Cainwen spy
  • Doy:     Cutpurse / Royal groomsman
  • Duke Drem Cadwal:     First Duke of Cainwen
  • Duke Stockpole:     Duke of Wellingford
  • General Eryl:     General, Province of Pembroke
  • General Gavyn Rees:     Cainwen Army General
  • Guardsman Gerallt:     Rowyn’s escort
  • Guardsman Penry:     Crown Prince’s escort
  • Guardsman Rhodri:     Rowyn’s escort / Cook
  • Hafgan Brynmor:     Middle son of Crown Prince
  • King Einion Brynmor:     King of Cainwen
  • Lord Morcar Priddy:     Royal Treasurer
  • Mael Brynmor:     Heir apparent of Cainwen / Oldest son of Crown Prince
  • Master Gwron:     Royal Weapons Master
  • Page Sion Tybalt:     Royal page
  • Page Tomos Tybalt:     Royal page
  • Rowyn Brynmor:     Dragon-Called Twin / Youngest son of Crown Prince
  • Ser Bithel:     Shield with Rebel Army
  • Ser Erwood:     Shield with Rebel Army
  • Ser Rhein (Delwyn):     Leader of Rowyn’s escort
  • Ser Tanguy:     Willoe’s escort
  • Sergeant Trystan:     Willoe’s escort / Supply Sergeant
  • Sergeant Crowley:     Rowyn’s escort
  • Steward Robat:     Steward of Castle Westhedge
  • Sulyen Wellingford:     Grandson of Duke Stockpole & heir to Duchy of Wellingford
  • Willoe Brynmor:     Dragon-Called Twin / Daughter of Crown Prince


  • Grioral Malbery:     Earl of Greenmerrow
  • Guardsman Royce:     Malbery’s personal guard
  • Guardsman Tavin:     Malbery’s personal guard
  • Ser Geffrey:     Shield / Captain of King’s Guard


  • Bragi:     Tuath Elf / Old warrior scout
  • Cian First:     Lor / Grandfather to Saraid and Helel
  • Freertin Jarvi:     Tuath Elf / Head of the Tuath Council of Families
  • Helel:     Siar Elfen / Granddaughter of Lor Cian
  • Keelia:     Tuath Elfen / Captain of the Tuath Council Guards
  • Saraid:     Siar Elf / Grandson of Lor Cian


  • Willem Schylar Scouten Moren Vanderwiede:         Lord of the South, Warren of Arn Chantel, Defender of the Realm, and Prince of Fierlanden


  • Cahal:     Village boy / Groom
  • Captain Brint:     Captain of the Franchon 5th Regulars
  • Dumont Gautier:     Brother of King Benoit
  • Emeline Gautier:     Niece of King Benoit / Daughter of Dumont Gautier
  • General Monnot:     Franchon general
  • King Benoit Gautier:     King of Franchon
  • Nevile Gautier:     Nephew of King Benoit / Oldest son of Dumont Gautier
  • Patric Gautier:     Nephew of King Benoit / Youngest son of Dumont Gautier
  • Raken:     Black Falcon
  • Ser Chayson:     Shield with Rebel Army
  • Ser Conway:     Shield with Rebel Army
  • Ser Garlyn:     Shield with Rebel Army
  • Ser Lowell:     Shield with Rebel Army
  • Ser Rolando:     Shield leader of Rebel Army


  • Alina:     Twins’ mother
  • Arlo:     Owner of trader station in The Open Lands
  • Cane:     Peasant boy
  • Chancellor Thrand:     Chancellor to the Ice Queen
  • Dougal:     Twins’ Protector
  • Kerye:     Twins’ aunt
  • Lord Eryk:     Friend of Dougal
  • Lord Vagel:     Regent of Haldane Royal Council
  • Lord Junge Colum:     Father of Arrick
  • Lord Macaulay:     Friend of Dougal
  • Merna:     Station owner Arlo’s wife
  • Queen Eideanin Ragnild:     Ice Queen
  • Ser Arrick Colum:     Friend of Dougal
  • Ser Holum:     Shield in Haldane Expedition
  • Steward Hanning:     Steward of the royal palace in Wintershed

KIERAN (Mainland)

  • Anders Leray:     Minstrel / Scout
  • Gavino DeBavaro:      Councilor of Astuto
  • Captain Mongalli:      Captain of the Sea Eagle
  • Teodoro:         Sailor on the Sea Eagle
  • Zaya:     Jidig (Steppe warriors) commander in White Cliffs



  • Lydenna:     Casandra’s Kata-heni
  • Moya:     Rowyn’s Kata-heni
  • Swift:     Borlender / Krel Monlor’s friend
  • Vee:     Rhein’s Kata-heni


  • Awsten the Green:     Rowyn’s dragon
  • Elwyn the White:     Haldis’ dragon
  • Seiriol the Blue:     Casandra’s dragon
  • Tesne the Red:     Willoe’s dragon


  • Dilys:     Maid to Princess Willoe
  • Gair:     Pen’s friend & companion
  • Myol:     Jerbheept (Guardians of the Hoarfrost Mountains)
  • Pen:     Gair’s friend & companion
  • Ucci:     Leader of Surikatts


  • Drel Corklin:     Head Tink of Fayhaven
  • Drel Donlin:     Lord Brom’s companion and research partner
  • Krel Monlor:     Fayhaven Tink / Swift’s friend


  • Captain Brighton Cleyman:     Head of Council of Sellsword Captains at Tierran’s Wall
  • Captain Darcio Armel:     Captain of the Bloody Sun Company
  • Captain Niska:     Captain of the Black Ravens Company
  • Lieutenant Segura:     Second to Captain Armel


  • Bat-Uul:     Uul Priest / Keeper of Prince Mael
  • Besut-Jin:     Priest who brought poison to Malbery
  • Caspar:     Aide to Bat-Uul
  • Chuluun-Uul:     Gai-Ten / Inner circle for Master of Shin-il Order
  • Dakho-Uul:     Principal Uul to the Kingdom of Fleuveral
  • Dimah-Uul:     Perverted Priest
  • Ishkand:     Master’s representative to Taran
  • Kaerabard:     Shade pursuing Rowyn
  • Koke Tengri:     God worshipped by the Shin-il Priests and Eastern Kieran
  • Olcas Mogwai:     The Great Evil
  • Poojan-Uul:     Bat-Uul’s mentor in the Kingdom of Avanis
  • Rajam-Jin:     Aide to Chuluun-Uul

SPIRIT WORLD / il fennore

  • Ainglean:     The Watcher of the Burning Lady
  • Burning Lady / Fire-Mother:     Goddess of Taran
  • Calei:     Channels of mud-like material in the ground that provides direct rapport to the Burning Lady’s essence
  • Haldis:     The Weapon of the Goddess
  • Spiros:     Creatures of the il fennore


  • Faie Onkthast:     Spiritual leader of the Wolf Clan
  • Faie Sirree:     Spiritual leader of the Bear Clan
  • Faie Shuum:     Spiritual leader of the Eagle Clan
  • Faie Tietro:     Spiritual leader of the Fox Clan
  • Gest:     Chief of the Eagle Clan / Second to the Ohmyilk


Ainglean: The Burning Lady’s Wardens in the physical world. Oversees/assists those agents, sent by the Burning Lady, to carry out her mission (e.g. Haldis, Clerics, others).

Daevian: A vilest of creatures from the Shadows. They can exist in the physical world of Athule and summon other demons from the Shadows. A primary agent of the Dark Lord, the Olcas Mogwai.

Haldis:  Shield (a Knight) of the Goddess. The Goddess’ Weapons.

il-fennore: The Spirit realm of the Burning Lady where Spirits go when the Goddess’ essence leaves a body (human, Elf, other). It is also the name of the magic that is created by reaching into the Goddess’ world and utilizing the Spirit creatures to manipulate objects in the physical world.

Mind-Bridge: A Mind-bridge conveys actual words, but even more than that. Along with the words are images and emotions, far clearer than a Spirit-link, that add meaning. At the extreme, a few beings can use the Mind-bridge to actually influence the thoughts of another being, though it requires a lot of energy and can only be done with certain people—generally ones who are already inclined to be swayed.

Protector: Warrior that is sworn, to the Burning Lady, to protect a specific Being.

Sending: This is what it is called when someone sends images, words, etc. across a Mind-bridge or impressions across a Spirit-link.

Sensitives: A Sensitive is sensitive when connections are made to the il fennore, and also when a Sending is made.  The Sensitive can feel the connections and in the case of a Spirit-link or Mind-bridge, those involved in the connection. So a Sensitive could tell when a particular Elf was in a Spirit-link with a specific Hukka. The Sensitive can feel the emotions and to a certain degree what someone is thinking, by inference, but can’t read someone’s mind.  Sensitives can Spirit-link their thoughts with another Sensitive, but not share thoughts—sometimes images, but mostly emotions.

Sensing: The ability to feel something about someone—similar to Spirit-link, but more of a passive process. This is what a Sensitive can do, but also a Haldis, Skinshifter, Lor, and a few others.

Shadows: Domain of the Dark Lord, the Great Evil called the Olcas Mogwai. It is where evil Spirits dwell. A viler a Spirit, the deeper it sinks into the Shadows—the most depraved and heinous of these demons exist at the lowest, seventh level, of the Shadows.

Skin-Shifter: Small human form that can change into a Hukka (extremely large wolf-like creature).

Spirit-link: The Spirit-link provides a means for occasionally transmitting images and some feelings to a degree, which our Spirit tries to interpret. With beings like Kata-henis or Borlenders, we fill in much of what is communicated to create words that make sense to us. Think of it as riding along the edge of the il fennore and then talking Spirit-to-Spirit with another intelligent creature that has the native ability to make the connection. Elfs, Hukkas, Kata-henis, and a few other creatures can do this. Only a few humans can and most animals cannot.


  • Uul Priest:     (Red robes) Highest ranking of the Shin-il Priesthood. Within the Uuls, ten are named the Gai-Ten, the inner circle of the Master, leader of the Shin-il Way.
  • Jin Priest:     (Black robes) Shin-il Priests one rank below the Uuls.
  • Obeah Priest:     (Yellow robes) Priests from a remote eastern island. Obeah Priests are disdained by other Shin-il Priests because of their use of herbs and other magical forms not of the Spirit World.
  • Acolytes:     (Brown robes) Individuals who serve the Shin-il Priests with hopes of become one someday themselves.
  • Clerics:     (Gray robes) Disciples called by the Goddess / the Burning Lady. Healers and foes of the Shin-il Priests.



Colors:     Gold on Dark Green
Dragon in Flight


Colors:     White on Medium Green
Heraldry: Standing Bear with Battle Axe and Pike


Colors:     Silver on Black
Heraldry: Boar with Spikes along its back


Colors:     Red on Dark Grey
Heraldry: Lion Roaring


Colors:     White on Medium Blue
Heraldry: Hawk Attacking

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