Dragon-Called Series

Dragon-Called opens with sixteen year old Princess Willoe and her twin brother, Rowyn. The youngest children of the crown prince who had been delivered REVISED - final Dragon-Called Legend logoFas a surprise to him when they were but toddlers. Their dead mother a mystery—their father’s secret—the twins share her distinctive flaming red hair and green eyes—a mark of evil.

When the twins are being forced to accept conventional roles—Willoe would rather wield a sword than a needle, and Rowyn pursue a life of study—they decide, with the help of their cousins Aeron and Casandra, to take one last chance to experience their dreams.

A plan that has potential if not for two opposing forces. One, foreign Priests who see the twins as the means to spread their dogma. The other, the Burning Lady, Goddess of the Spirit World, who requires the twins fulfill an ancient covenant between a distant ancestor of theirs and the dragons. The bond of four cousins is strong, but the true test comes when the price of the covenant becomes clear.

Dragon-Called is an epic Fantasy series. Readers will find themselves dropped into a Medieval-themed setting where humans share the world of Athule with Elfs, Waljantinks (Tinks for short), Blood Stalkers, the vile necromancer Shades; which have risen from the depths of the Seven Shadows, and demon-like Daevians. Let's not forget those without whom none of the series would exist—DRAGONS! Even though a fantasy tale of adventure and romance—attempts were made to keep the setting relevant to actual medieval time-lines.

See the Maps used, checkout a List of Characters & Glossary, read Dragon Tales (short stories about the characters), and Reviews. To read descriptions of each book, an excerpt direct from Amazon, and links to purchase from your favorite online retailer, follow the below links.

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