I spend as much time in the saddle as I can. Tell me more about your horses.

My horse was a Tennessee Walker named Tigger.  He lived his life as a show horse before he came to live on our ranch.  I wasn’t interested in showing; endurance riding and trail riding were much more interesting and challenging, to me.  One day my husband Ken and my friend Cindy and I rode to a local horse show.  On a dare I entered one of the competitions, but since I had never attended a horse show before I didn’t know what the protocol was.  Upon entering the show arena I could feel Tigger’s body change its bearing.  He gaited straight to the judges stand, stopped to pay homage to them, then proceeded to do what he was trained to do without any direction from me.  It was a fun experience, but it was the last time in a show arena for us.

We usually rode the trails in our local mountains, the Pacific Crest Trail, on the beaches that allowed horses and rode trails in the local deserts.  We also trailered to the Mammoth  Mountains, Lake Tahoe,  and to Arizona.  Our horses loved their adventures and were game for anything.  My husband’s horse was named Midnight-Dancer, she was also a Tennessee Walker. 

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